Master Your Sheet Metal Storage

The metal fabrication industry faces unique challenges with the transportation, handling, and security of sheet metal. Especially when stored on the floor, moving sheet metal stock is no small task; workers have an inherent risk when handling sheets due to its high conductivity, sharp edges, overall size and weight. Often requiring multiple hands since navigating sheets through the warehouse proves difficult for a single worker, productivity can take a hit without the proper storage solution.

Rack Engineering Division designs and manufactures a product that reduces the storage footprint, risk of worker injury, sheet metal damage, and operational downtime. Master your sheet metal storage with the Sheetmaster 100, a heavy-duty, space-saving racking solution that prioritizes safety and efficiency.

Depending on the unique needs of the application, the Sheetmaster 100 features a range of 3 to 8 shelves, each capable of bearing up to 5,500 pounds. Access to individual shelves and their stock has never been simpler. Workers can either pull out shelves by hand or with the aid of a T-bar for additional ergonomic ease, providing 100% overhead access to loading and unloading equipment. Durable in structure, enclosures keep stock protected within the unit while automatic locks engage to prevent shelves from moving out of place during full extension and for additional security when in storing position. There are several customizations available to make the Sheetmaster 100 fit your space needs and goals. Whether you require double sided loading or the addition of folding doors that close during storing position and open for drawer extension, you can rely on Rack Engineering to create a custom solution that will tackle your storage challenges.

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