Heavy Duty Storage with a Glide!

Challenges due to space, safety, and time constraints can be conquered! Rack Engineering’s diverse line of racking and shelving equipment is inspired by real challenges that businesses face, making the toughest storage problems solvable through quality products.

Storage, space, safety, and time: can one product optimize all? Thanks to Rack Engineering Division, it’s possible! The Glide-Out 100 is ergonomically designed for quick and easy access to items stored. This storage solution provides space-saving vertical storage for products and materials. Each shelf glides with ease and is capable of capacities of up to 4,000 pounds! The 100% shelf extension enables overhead access by crane or hoist. Offering many safety features and options, the Glide-Out 100 adapts to your unique storage needs while providing dependable improvements.

Some safety features include auto-lock which prevents more than one shelf from opening at a time and lock-out feature to ensure that the open drawer does not move during access. To see a full list of options, accessories and customizations for the Glide-Out 100, click here!

How can the experts at Rack Engineering help tackle tough storage challenges in your facility? Get in touch with us! Call 1-800-245-6890, email rackinfo@rack-eng.com or visit our website for helpful information!

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