Press Brake Tool Storage

Optimize production floor space with vertical storage solutions

The Press Brake Tool Storage System provides an ergonomic solution for storing and handling punches and dies at the press brake. The Press Brake Tool Storage System organizes tooling and optimizes production floor space utilizing vertical storage and can improve storage capacity up to 40% or more. The storage system offers configurable shelves that are 100% extendable and accommodate a range of American and European tooling with up to 4,000-pound capacity per shelf. The system also offers safety features such as an optional Auto-Lock Mechanism that prevents the operator from pulling out another shelf while the first shelf is extended.

Standard Features

  • Up to 4,000 lbs capacity per shelf
  • 100% extension shelves
  • Adjustable and removable UHMW tool separators and holders

Options & Accessories

  • Auto-Lock feature prevents more than one shelf from opening at a time
  • Monorail beam for lifting heavy tools
  • Locking enclosure for loss prevention
  • Lock-Out feature locks the open shelf in position to prevent it from moving during access