Glide-Out 100 with Monorail

Heavy duty combination for a space saving and accessible solution

The Glide-Out 100 with Monorail features all the flexibility of the Glide-100 line with an integrated monorail. The Glide-100 with Monorail is also offered with doors and sides for an enclosed option or open depending on the needs of the application. Just like the Glide-Out 100 line it also features 100% extendable shelves for easy access and safety features such Auto-Lock which prevents more than one shelf from opening at a time and Lock-Out which locks the open shelf in position to prevent it from moving during access. This storage solution can also be offered in a variety of custom colors, sizes and shelf fixtures.

Standard Features

  • Ergonomically designed
  • Adjustable heights
  • 100% extensive shelves