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Sheetmaster 100

The Sheetmaster is perfect for fixture and sheet metal storage. Ideal for use with vacuum lifts, hoists, sheet lifts, magnets and forklifts.

Heavy Duty Shelves

  • Shelves are of all-welded construction
  • Steel decking is optional
  • Shelves extend a full 100% with a 5,500 lb. load capacity, on 4 roller bearings

Various Sizes Available
Standard Shelf Sizes

  • 48” D x 96” W
  • 48” D x 120” W
  • 60” D x 120” W
  • 60” D x 144” W
  • 72” D x 144” W

With a standard rack height of 7 ft. Units with 4 – 8 shelves have clearances ranging from 5 15/16” – 15”



Model Number Capacity per Shelf * Upright Height Shelf Size Overall Dimensions
SM84-4896-4 5500 lb. 7 ft. 48″D x 96″W 105.5″D x 111″W
SM84-48120-5 5500 lb. 7 ft. 48″D x 120″W 105.5″D x 135″W
SM84-60120-6 5500 lb. 7 ft. 60″D x 120″W 135″D x 135″W
SM84-60144-7 5500 lb. 7 ft. 60″D x 144″W 135″D x 159″W
SM84-72144-8 5500 lb. 7 ft. 72″D x 144″W 159″D x 159″W

*Other capacities available. Shelf capacity based on uniformly distributed load.

Sheetmaster with Overhead Crane

Allows crane access to unload shelves

Sheetmaster with T-Handle

T-handle provides ergonomic assistance to open shelves

Sheetmaster Latch Drawer Open

Automatically locks open shelves in place

Sheetmaster Latch Drawer Closed

Automatically locks closed shelves in place

  • Bi-Directional Folding Sheetmaster
  • Fork lift risers
  • Greater capacities
  • Customizable height

Folding Sheetmaster

Sheetmaster Descriptions

Bi-Directional Sheetmaster

Load from one side and unload from the other, allowing manufacturing floor space to be free of forklift or crane traffic.

Feed more than one machine with same Sheetmaster.

Double sided folding model available.

Check Out Our Custom Sheetmasters

Our specialty is providing custom storage solutions. We can make the standard sizes but we excel at customization. We can provide any size in any increment. Check out our custom products gallery to see the multitude of solutions we can provide.



MACHINE DOWN TIME by placing a Sheetmaster next to a sheer, laser, turret punch or other fabrication machinery
MAN HOURS by eliminating a forklift driver when material change over is necessary
AISLE WAY SPACE by being able to load and unload a Sheetmaster with an overhead crane
MANUFACTURING FLOOR SPACE by utilizing vertical space and still gain access to multiple types of sheet material
POTENTIAL INJURIES caused by man handling heavy sheet products

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