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Glide-Out 100

When do you need a Glide-Out?

  • Floor space is too restricted to access racking with forklift
  • Workers are leaning too far into existing shelving to hand pick heavy items
  • Machine down time is excessive between die/tool changes
  • Tooling, dies or material is too valuable to handle with forklift
  • Stock parts are not visible due to deep shelving/racking
  • Rack or shelf space is not being fully utilized
  • Vertical storage space is wasted due to forklift
  • Aisle way for a forklift takes up valuable storage/manufacturing floor space

Other Models


Rack Glide-Out Ergonomic Standards Far Exceed Industry Standards

Safety and ergonomics are extremely important. We designed the Glide-Out 100 to meet or exceed safety and ergonomic standards. Rack Engineering Division’s Glide-Out 100 can solve even the most unique production storage problems with ergonomics and safety in mind.

Utilizing an overhead crane or hoist capitalizes on the ergonomic benefits of a Glide-Out 100.

Glide-Out 100 with Descriptions

Check Out Our Custom Glide-Outs

Our specialty is providing custom storage solutions. We can make the standard sizes but we excel at customization. We can provide any size in any increment. Check out our custom products gallery to see the multitude of solutions we can provide.



MACHINE DOWN TIME by placing a Glide-Out next to production machinery
MAN HOURS by eliminating a forklift driver in die, mold or tooling change over
AISLE WAY SPACE by eliminating needed forklift turning radius used in stationary racking
MANUFACTURING FLOOR SPACE by utilizing vertical space with a multi-level glide-out
EMPLOYEES FROM POTENTIAL INJURY by reducing the need for bending or extracting heavy items from stationary shelves

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