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Crank-Out Cantilever

Excellent for storing and retrieving heavy bar stock, tube, pipe and extrusions. The Crank-Out Cantilever allows for overhead accessibility by extending its fully loaded arms 100% into the aisle way with an easy turn of a crank.



Pin Specific Stock Divider rests on the cradle arm and does not have to be welded on at the time of manufacture. Fixed divider positions are specified by customer at time of order.


Adjustable Multiple Stock Divider rests on the cradle arm and bolts into a piece of unistrut with unistrut nuts. It can be used in almost any position or quantity on the cradle arm.


Individual Stock Divider clamps onto the cradle arm and is secured into place using two standard fasteners. It can be used in almost any position or quantity on the cradle arm.


Intermediate Support new and improved standard design. Same basic design as always with easier access and ability to remove the support when needed.

Check Out Our Custom Products

Our specialty is providing custom storage solutions. We can make the standard sizes but we excel at customization. We can provide any size in any increment. Check out our custom products gallery to see the multitude of solutions we can provide.



MACHINE DOWN TIME by placing a Crank-Out Cantilever next to a saw, laser or other fabrication machinery
MAN HOURS by eliminating a forklift driver when material change over is necessary
AISLE WAY SPACE by being able to load and unload a Crank-Out Cantilever with an overhead crane
MANUFACTURING FLOOR SPACE by utilizing vertical space and still gain access to multiple types of stock material
POTENTIAL INJURIES caused by man handling heavy stock material

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